Stop it! Do not record or take photos of bad things.

These days many young people have phones or computers or devices that can take photos or videos. These devices are all connected to the internet and very often people type, text, photograph, videotape and publish to their friends via the internet even before they get a chance to think of what they are sending and what that can do to them.

But that is where the danger is: Leaking! (Leak means something gets out of your control without your permission and you have no way of getting it back)

NEVER text or type, take any photo, or make a video of any silly thing, either of yourself or your friend, on any device. Once that is recorded, it can spread like wildfire because it is electronic content and can easily be shared by all. Sometimes it is not your intention to share it, but what if you lose your phone and a stranger gets hold of it, or a friend happens to see it on your computer, or your phone is hacked? If it gets viral (leaks onto the internet) it can never be controlled, and it can haunt you for the rest of your life!

Can you imagine what can happen if there is a video/photo or text going around with you or a friend in it, drunk, or naked, or in a boy-girl act, or in a situation that is very bad? How would you feel? How would your parents feel? How would you handle that?

This is why it is VERY important that you stay away from recording texts and photos and videos of yourself and others doing wrong or silly things in the first place.

Will your action hurt someone by posting?

Each time you want to post something (text, photo, video) onto your Facebook or Instagram, or the internet, think carefully about how that will affect you and others. Ask yourself:

  • Is it fair to everyone?
  • Is it decent?
  • Are you proud of it?
  • Would it hurt someone’s feeling?
  • Would it damage someone’s reputation?
  • Is it safe?

If you think this way, you are more likely to be safe and also, you will be helping to keep your friends safe.

You also have to encourage your friends to stay away from such behavior. Look out for your friends and ask them to do the same for you, but always remember that the best ad safest way now, is that DO NOT text, photograph, or videotape any incident of yourself or your friends that can get you into trouble if it leaks.