Why are people bullied? 

Some people are easily picked on by bullies. Research shows that one out of every four school kids experience regular bullying of one type or another (this may vary from country to country). People may be picked on because of:

  • Their size: too big, too thin, too short, or too tall.
  • Skin color: e.g… the only black in a white domination class (or the other way round), the extreme difference in skin color from the rest of the class.
  • Special needs (or some kind of physical challenge): A disability of some sort (defective eyes, style of walking, tone of speech, body proportions) or even your name can be an issue.
  • Bad temper: People with a bad temper are a great catch for bullies because it is easier for them to set them off and get them angry.
  • People who have no friends.
  • An embarrassing event you got involved with: People may laugh and tease you because of something you did, or your reaction to something, and never let go of the issue. They will bring it up at the slightest chance to shame you.

Looking at all the reasons above, you will notice that each of us falls short in some way. We all make mistakes. None is perfect. This is why we should never make fun, tease, or make people sad because of something they have no control of, or a mistake they make.

Let us now see why bullying can be dangerous.

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